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24 GHz Graphene Patch Antenna Array

A methodology for getting Unity 2018 to communicate with Python in order to better understand ml-agents in Unity:
Maya Mel and Python Tutori al below to get started.
Python and Unreal engine

fake asteroid disaster/fake alien invasion scenario

Propaganda pamphlet 1944 weaponising telephony

Bretton Woods dissolved in Jamaica in 1976. Gold ceased to be attached to money.

CRIPSR DNA altering monkey brain DNA make them smarter US stupid

gold will start to rise in price, and its price will rise from $1200-1400 per troy ounce up to $1800-2000 by this autumn 4/10/2019

Gold Price Today

Gold Spot PriceSpot Change
Gold Price per Ounce$1,304.25-1.05
Gold Price per Gram$41.93-0.04
Gold Price per Kilo$41,932.61-33.76 of contracts use game assets

Instead of crypto contracts on blockchain use game assets. meaning blockchian back end under the C++ Unreal engine game development–Nbj2pacylJn7H9Y


Social Credit Game. The invading alien force needs to control humanity. the easisit way is to use tree based sorting algorithms based on Python code. DFS or BFS data search will give the user more data on lifestyle, purchases and social connections. Each person or node will have pointers to their nearest social associates in a node tree structure or weights in a graph.

The aliens spread via social connection using the fastest connection between nodes.

David Rees a mathematician who helped crack enigma during second world war and craig s wright and kleiman possible candidates for originator of Bitcoin.

Lord HElium Hydride discovered. This is what started the war. Calypsos mother destroyed at the gathering of the energy lords. Calypso is hidden ordered to meditate for 1 billion years. Defeats the intergactic army of Gen STYX. Hubris got the better of him after all the pomp and power. At the meeting with the mother of the Vector, Styx spoke of the carbon empire and how it eludes him, he will find it and conquer it. Calypos cannot battle him there as this is in a nother frequency and she will need armor and to train the champion. Howvere this is not set in stone……


Hanna Barbera/History of Pink Panther

Generative Adversarial Networks and code for Keras;view=1up;seq=1

This section of the blog will have useful links to sites for enhancing your game development.

This will enable you to take you image and make a normal map for unity.

Using an X-box controller with the Oculus

8 hour complete tutorial for game development

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